Reopening Plan

Your option on Educational Excellence

Ensuring our students and team well-being, both emotional and physical, is more than ever our priority. 

Protecting the health, safety, and well-being of every member of the Loyola community is our highest priority. Our goal is to return 100% of our students to in-person, face-to-face instruction. We are certain that on-campus education is the best environment for individual development and learning. Loyola will offer an online option for Remote Live Classroom (RLC) as needed, this will be asynchronous real-time interaction with classroom and teachers. Students will follow their regular schedules and assignments. This option requires adult commitment and supervision.

 *If government officials close schools or initiate a stay-at-home order, students will transition to (RLC) within 24 hours. (Only Elementary students, Preschool will remain open)

On-Campus Protocols


Drop-Off and Dismissal times will be staggered by grade levels. (details will be emailed and posted on our Loyola Elementary website in August)


Student’s temperature will be taken daily prior to entry. Students with flu-like symptoms will not be allowed entry. Students exhibiting symptoms during the day will be insolated immediately and must be picked up. Students cannot be returned to school without clearance from their Physician showing a negative COVID-19 test result. 


Students/staff will be required to wear masks as part of our protocol.


Frequent handwashing will be in effect and hand sanitizer will be available inside every classroom and hallways.


The School will adhere to a comprehensive cleaning plan We will create a disinfection protocol for cleaning doorknobs, counters, and other high touch areas. The School will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected each evening.


All students will have their own personal school supplies. Students will not be allowed to share toys, materials, books, etc.



Classroom arrangements will be structured to maintain a maximum distance between desks. Loyola is redesigning our classrooms and we have invested over $15K in equipment and supplies to convert our cafeteria, music and art class into extra classrooms.


Students will work in small groups. Classrooms that do not have the space required for social distancing will be divided. Students will remain in their classroom with their teachers and special area teachers (music, art, Spanish, Faith formation) will travel between classes.


With limited exceptions, parents and visitors will not be permitted in school building (only by appointment)


Any student or employee returning to Miami from a destination that is under a CDC level 3, or whose household member has returned from such destination, will be required to stay home for 14 days prior to returning to school.


If a student, or any of their household family members develops symptoms and/or tests positive for COVID-19, please inform us immediately. In this case, the student, any Loyola siblings and possible their classmates will convert to RLC, and may only return  after a 14 days quarantine or when a negative COVI test is presented (this will be determined case-by-case).


After care will be provided, only to families that have registered with anticipation. Day by day aftercare will not be permitted.


School catering and Food program will be served in disposable containers. Hot foods should be brought in a thermos. Microwave ovens will not be available. Food deliver must be dropped off (in a disposable bag with child’s name, by 11:00am) Drinking fountains cannot be operational, students should bring their own water bottles every day to school.

*Lunch must be healthy and balanced

Loyola is responding to these uncertain times with emphasis on flexibility and understanding while prioritizing an excellent academic experience and un and an adequate environment for the individual and emotional development of our students. We want to ensure all students and families to feel safe and engaged in our special Loyola Community. IN ALL LOVE AND SERVE

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Reopening Safety & Sanitation Plan for Loyola Elementary Doral
Reopening Safety & Sanitation Plan for Loyola Elementary Doral